SAP TDMS for Insurance Customers

SAP Test Data Migration Server is built to create small non-productive clients with a reduced data set out of productive customer environments, containing a highly consistent Dataset related to a Time Slice (From Date).

As SAP for Insurance needs also historical data, the standard reduction is not leading to a proper testing client. Therefore, a new Data Reduction Solution was needed. For Insurance there are the following logical points of Selection for data reduction in addition to the time-based approach.

  • Insurance Objects
  • Contract Accounts
  • Business Partner


What Data is taken, what is reduced?

The Insurance Scenario is based on the SAP TDMS ERP time-based scenario. 

  • Transactional Data is reduced based on the time slice date out of the sender system.
  • Insurance related data is taken based on a list of Business Partners, Contracts or Insurance Objects.
  • Client dependent Master Data and Customizing Data is taken in full.
  • SAP ERP HCM Data can be included or excluded from each selection.


Assumptions regarding Insurance Data

The following relationships exist between Business Partner, Contract Account and Insurance Object:

  • A contract account is assigned to just one business partner as the account holder.
  • A contract account, for which an account holder is defined, can be assigned to another business partner that is not the account holder.
  • Multiple contract accounts can be assigned to a business partner.
  • An insurance object can be assigned to multiple business partners. More than one insurance object can be assigned to a business partner.
  • Just one contract account is assigned to each unique business partner/insurance object relationship (insurance relationship). Multiple insurance relationships can be assigned to a contract account.

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